V Steam Kit Seat Herbs

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  • Yoni Steam Seat at Home Kit with The Honey Throne Herbs /Seat 

→ If you have an IUD

→ If you are bleeding abnormally

→ You are pregnant or think you may be pregnant

→ If you have a vaginal infection or open wound


This is a great time to dim the lights, meditate, read, pray, enjoy a cup of our herbal womb tea, or just be at peace with yourself. This experience is a very relaxing one. So light a candle and what ever else you choose to do during these few moments of self-care, just enjoy! Vaginal steaming is used as a natural remedy for cleaning the lower body, uterus, and the entire reproductive tract. This medical grade plastic seat is very comfortable and is used in your toilet. The benefits of Yoni steaming is an ancient method of self-care practiced by a variety of women with different needs and goals.


It also has proven to relieve, heal & help with:


✔️PH balance Issues

✔Irregular Menstrual Cycles

✔Increase Libido



✔Hormone imbalances






And more

V Steam Kit Seat and Herbs - The Honey Throne
V Steam Kit Seat and Herbs - The Honey Throne

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