This MANIFESTATION SAGING candle SET includes 3 hand-poured 5.5oz soy herb infused luxury candles. These candles promote peace and calm. We've topped them off with calendula for calm, lavender for peace and palo santo and sage for energy clearing and a handpicked and a charged clear quartz crystal. We chose quartz as it clears and absorbs all negative energy, promotes well being and protection. It handles all of the negativity and clears any negative attachments allowing you and your energy to grow and flow freely.

Light our candles 🕯 with love and a peaceful heart focusing on calm and serenity, releasing and simply being in the present moment.

These candle are a wonderful accompaniment to meditation and quiet. Breathe. Focus on the breath and simply be. Light candles as a reminder that you can make time for yourself and that the heart speaks loudest in the quiet.

Full set will include: 1 Healing, 1 Manifestation  , 1 Self Care *Essential oil candles may vary in color slightly but smell amazing. There is no synthetic fragrance oil in our candles.*

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